The Market Supports EDW

When EDW submitted its application to ESMA on 23 September, we did so knowing we had the support and trust of the market behind us. We’re humbled to present the following testimonials below.


“Since 2013 European DataWarehouse has been acting successfully as the unique securitisation repository of the Eurosystem, contributing to provide investors with the transparency required by the regulator but above all necessary to bring back investors on the ABS market. Thus, the European DataWarehouse became in a few years one of the strengths of this market, contributing to make ABS a high quality credit product for investors and a reliable funding channel for issuers. I have no doubt this almost 8 year long experience makes the European DataWarehouse the most valid candidate to be registered by ESMA as the first securitisation repository.” – Didier Harnois, Group Treasurer, ALD Automotive

“BBVA is excited to be part of European DataWarehouse since its inception being a reference in securitisation data and its continued contribution to transparency. To be registered as the first securitisation repository by ESMA will boost the investors’ confidence and the European securitisation market.” – Diego Martin Peña, Head of Securitizations, BBVA

“BPER Banca has been experiencing a long period of cooperation with European DataWarehouse and that was of mutual interest and satisfaction. More in detail it was quite appreciable the ongoing strong commitment to comply with the ESMA requirements as they’ve been developed from time to time. The current quality of reporting is also a milestone for the rating agencies and it is very likely it will be quite useful in the next future for further ESG purpose initiatives.”
– Marco Biale, Head of Structured Finance, BPER

“EDW has worked since its foundation to provide loan-level data from issuers to the securitisation market with proven results. By being the securitisation repository of the Eurosystem, ED has acquired key knowledge and working experience. I think ED could do an excellent work for ESMA. “

Issac Ruiz, Caixa Bank

“Since the ABS Loan-level Initiative was launched by the Eurozone in 2012, European DataWarehouse has played a leading role in providing standardised and reliable information to securitisation market participants. EDW’s application as a securitisation repository is the natural continuation of these efforts. Their expected success in this process will be another milestone in rebuilding investor confidence in the securitisation market.”
– Thierry Laizet, Director Portfolio Management, Crédit Foncier

“For almost a decade, EDW has successfully worked to improve transparency and restore confidence in the securitisation market. In recognition of this, I fully support its application to become the first securitisation repository by ESMA as a new step to further boost market security, transparency and reliability.”
– Antonio Cordero, Chief Financial Officer, Instituto de Crédito Oficial

“For the Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA), European Datawarehouse has added their in-depth knowledge of data quality issues to our own efforts to increase transparency and standardisation of (Dutch) securitisation transactions. With the EDW application to become a Repository under the Securitisation Regulation we expect to be able to further develop our productive cooperation in this field”.
– Rob Koning, Director, Dutch Securitisation Association

“European DataWarehouse has proven to be a successful and professionally managed company and data platform for the European Securitisation market and its stakeholders. As a long term partner, Hypoport, have had the pleasure of working with European Datawarehouse for many years on several successful innovative projects. We profoundly support the ambition of European DataWarehouse to become a repository for the ESMA Securitisation Regulation. We believe that European DataWarehouse has the knowledge and experience, which it gained from the ECB loan level initiative disclosure, to fulfil this role throughout Europe in a push for further transparency and data insight(s) for all market participants.”
– Christian Pennekamp, Managing Director, Hypoport

“Moody’s has worked with European DataWarehouse (EDW) since its formation as a consumer of data, a partner on transparency initiatives, and as a founding shareholder. From the beginning, we have been aligned with EDW’s core principles and believe that the market has benefited from the transparency, accessibility and standardization that EDW has promoted. EDW has strong operational processes and will continue to foster confidence in their work and in the broader European Securitization market should they be confirmed by ESMA.”
– David Little, Managing Director, Head of Structured Solutions Division

“As a founding shareholder of EDW, Santander continues to be committed to promoting best practice and transparency in the securitisation market. Hence our continued support and investment in EDW. EDW has worked tirelessly towards the goal of greater data transparency for the securitisation market, and we are confident that their long experience in providing data repository services which are a benchmark in the market will be rewarded with a successful application.”
– Steven Gandy, Managing Director and Head of Private Debt Mobilisation, Notes & Structuring, Santander

„TSI is a founding shareholder of European DataWarehouse. The transition of European DataWarehouse from being data repository under the ECB regime to become a securitisation repository under the new securitisation regulation does mark an important step for the evolution of the European securitisation market. Team, track record and know-how from EDW will support issuers and investors along this way.”
– Jan-Peter Hülbert, Managing Director, True Sale International GmbH