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European DataWarehouse is Awarded Data Provider of the Year for the Third Time

European DataWarehouse named “ESG Service Provider of the Year”

European DataWarehouse Hosts First European Sustainable Auto ABS

EDW to Implement new NPL Templates in Dedicated Private Area Reporting Solution

Market-led and EU Funded Consortium, ENGAGE, awarded grant to enable data and funding needs for the decarbonisation of European building stock.

Leibniz Institute SAFE and European DataWarehouse win grant under the Climate Protection and Finance funding initiative

EDW launches value-adding features and functionality to its flagship reporting tool, EDITOR

A Decade of Transparency in European Securitisation: European DataWarehouse Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

European DataWarehouse awarded “Securitization Data Provider of the Year”

European Datawarehouse Designated as a Securitisation Repository by the FCA

European DataWarehouse Enters Examination Phase of FCA Application Process

European Datawarehouse’s data quality support ensures green light for UCI’s Green Belem data submission

European Datawarehouse Designated as a Securitisation Repository by ESMA

European DataWarehouse Enters Final Phase of ESMA Application Process

European Datawarehouse Submits Application to FCA to be Registered as a UK Securitisation Repository

European DataWarehouse Named in Latest Action Plan For European NPLs

European Datawarehouse and Prometeia Combine Their Expertise to Provide Tests for Covered Bonds

European Datawarehouse Submits Application to ESMA to be Registered as a Securitisation Repository

European Datawarehouse Hosts Green Prime RMBS from Portugal

European DataWarehouse Among Three New Members of the Financial Centre Initiative Frankfurt Main Finance

European DataWarehouse Announces Green Initiatives Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference

European Datawarehouse Partners with LoanByLoan to Help ABS Issuers Seeking Efficient STS Disclosure and Cashflow Modelling

European DataWarehouse Releases Updated Version of EDITOR as European Commission Publishes RTS on Disclosure

European DataWarehouse to Help ABS Issuers Seeking the STS Designation via Bloomberg

Moody’s Analytics and European DataWarehouse Collaborate to Help ABS Originators and Sponsors Manage STS Disclosure Requirements

European DataWarehouse Wins “Securitization Data Provider of the Year”

European DataWarehouse Launches Enhanced Private Data Environment

European DataWarehouse Offers Website Which Adheres to Standards Outlined in the Securitisation Regulation

European DataWarehouse Announces UK Subsidiary

European DataWarehouse Launches Reporting Solution for Upcoming Securitisation Regulation

Publicis.Sapient and European DataWarehouse to build Securitisation Repository for new Simple, Transparent and Standardized (STS) regulation

European DataWarehouse Announces Test Phase of the European Banking Authority NPL templates

European DataWarehouse aims to become the first securitisation repository under the new “simple, transparent and standardized” (STS) framework

European DataWarehouse Joins Eurofinas

Christian Thun appointed CEO of European DataWarehouse

Christian Thun appointed COO and Deputy CEO of European DataWarehouse

José Manuel González-Páramo appointed Chairman of European DataWarehouse

European DataWarehouse Wins “Best Industry Infrastructure Initiative” at Banking Technology Awards 2012

European DataWarehouse to Provide a Free Software Application for Preparing and Submitting ABS Loan-Level Performance Data

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