European DataWarehouse offers a private area within the EDITOR platform to collect information, including loan-level data (LLD) and other relevant documentation, for private ABS transactions. The solution facilitates compliance with the disclosure requirements for private transactions under Article 7(1) of the UK Securitisation Regulation.

controlled transmission of DATA

EDW Private harnesses the power of the EDITOR platform to meet the needs of issuers requiring more bespoke dissemination of data.

The main advantage of the private area is the controlled transmission of the information. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Access to the relevant data is fully managed by the data owner responsible for authorising access to data users. The authorisation can be modified regularly.
  • A legal framework is utilised for the transmission and dissemination of information as per specific customer agreements.
  • Access can be assigned to existing EDW registered users or any new users after signing the specific customer agreement (at no additional cost for investors).


Multiple file formats

Our solutions accept loan-level data files in CSV and XML formats.

Data Format Validation

All fields in the loan-level data files are checked for the format (taxonomy) as per the FCA data templates.


Quickly compare stratifications on key data fields with the previous successful loan data submission.

Data Quality Checks

Data quality rules are run on the uploaded data file and failed rules are highlighted.


  • Rule result drill down: users can download loan-level data for each rule result without the need to open submitted files
  • Graphical interpretation: rules allow users to display results in the form of a chart or table
  • Custom-built environment: data quality management is run on the EDW server, designed to perform data quality checks quickly
  • Security and tracking: once the deal is created, EDW maintains a log of the uploads, downloads, and a full data backup for future recover


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