Our vision, Mission, and values

Leading by Example

Our vision

Created by the market, for the market, European DataWarehouse aligns itself with 3 core principles, centralisation, transparency, and standardisation, and is guided by the company’s overarching vision, mission, and values.

We strive to be the best securitisation repository in the world by offering the highest quality data and providing superior service to our customers and regulators, as well as an exemplary working environment for our employees. In addition, European DataWarehouse aims to provide best-in-class data processing, data provision, and data reporting services, in respect of other securities and financial instruments, for benefit of the European financial market.

Our mission

We deploy our knowledge and expertise to support participants in the European securitisation market, acting with empathy and integrity and championing innovation and responsibility, to facilitate transparency and nurture the health of the market.



Our values


We put our customers at the center of what we do. We aim to create solutions that contribute to building a more transparent securitisation market. In providing our services, we treat our customers fairly, acting with empathy and humility.


We act with honesty, transparency, and fairness in everything we do. We are strictly committed to following applicable laws and regulations and adhering to the highest ethical standards. We seek to maintain open, credible, constructive, and transparent relationships between with our employees, customers, and with our regulators. We never assume an act or omission of conduct is acceptable merely because others in the industry do.


We encourage excellence, innovation, and creativity, and use our energy, expertise, and resources to make a positive difference. We attract, retain, and develop highly skilled people in a dynamic, inclusive environment.

We actively engage, empower, and train our employees to be part of our professional, collaborative culture. We foster trust in our team by communicating honestly and transparently, and promoting a healthy, diverse, and open environment. We empower our employees to work independently whilst encouraging unique ideas and opinions.

We want our stakeholders to be informed about what we do. We communicate all relevant events through our website and also regularly report to our stakeholders about our business, activities, and compliance status.


We strive for business success while considering positive social and environmental outcomes and good governance practices. Our team is committed to incorporating environmental and social aspects into the company’s goals and projects. We contribute our talents and resources to serve the communities in which we live and work.