What’s new in October?

We’ve released a new version of EDITOR which includes important changes to prepare our systems and your company for the next phase of the Securitisation Regulation. So what’s new? Take a look below. 








Reporting made easy!

  • Create one transaction and manage both ECB Eligibility Reporting and Securitisation Regulation (STS) Compliance from one place
  • The new “Create Deal” form lets you create deals much more easily and keeps you informed on what templates you can upload and who can see your data
  • A new and secure SFTP channel to upload ESMA template data and documentation to comply with the Securitisation Regulation
  • A shortcut to save time – Upload Loan Data Files with the new “Upload and Publish” button. When all your data is correct, the system will auto-publish your data without the need for you to manually intervene.
  • Upload documents such as investor reports and prospectus directly either individually or in bulk. Simply drag and drop individual documents or a zip file with multiple documents with ease.

Privacy and status controls

  • Create private transactions securely and share your transactions or individual documents by inviting users (both registered and new users)
  • Give access to trustees or arrangers with our all new “Individual Deal Access” role and take control of how long they retain access
  • Flag data and documents as provisional and optionally govern your data with specific Terms and Conditions

On-demand access to Deals

  • Potential Investors / Trustees / Arrangers can now request access to individual deals directly from the issuers and gain access to specific transactions
  • Issuers can now grant, revoke and manage access to potential investors, trustees and arrangers for your transactions

XML Format Support in the SANDBOX Environment

  • Our SANDBOX environment now supports XML Upload (as per the ESMA XML Templates and Schema) for RMB and AUT Underlying Exposures, Investor Report Template and Significant Event Templates.
  • We are seeking clarification from ESMA on whether you can directly submit CSV files to our repository platform, or whether you need to directly upload in XML format. Based on ESMA’s clarification, we will have either an in-built or stand-alone CSV to XML converter.
  • If you already have data in ED’s prescribed CSV Format to test the ESMA templates, please upload your CSV files like you do today in the Sandbox environment.
    If you need your CSV files converted to XML for schema validation, please send your EDCODE (after you upload the CSV file to EDITOR SANDBOX) to csvtoxmlconverter@eurodw.eu . We will convert your CSV file to XML and send you a download link for the converted XML file
  • We also plan to release a beta version of a stand-alone converter in Nov/Dec 2019

Other Features

  • New “Data and Docs” tab to see all the content of a deal from a single page
  • Users with both reporting and data user roles can toggle between your deals and all deals easily
  • Performance improvements to our Database Engine

As always, please contact our team at enquiries@eurodw.eu if you require assistance complying with the Securitisation Regulation, using EDITOR or if you have any further questions.