Insights on the
Original Loan to Value (OLTV) in France

By analysing more than 2.6 mm RMBS loans originated in France and securitised between 2013 and 2016, we are able to identify the relationship between the OLTV distribution and the départements in the French housing market.


  • The highest average OLTVs are seen in the Northern border départements of Ardennes (76.18%) and Aisne (74.69%) and the Southern départements of Aude (78.22%) and Pyrénées-Orientales (78.16%)
  • However, these départements have lower than average numbers of loans with Ardennes having only 6,678 loans
  • Paris has an average OLTV in the middle of the range of 61.92% with 31,957 loans
  • Nord has the highest loan count of all départements with 92,927 loans

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