Everything you Need to Know About the New EDW Extended (ESMA + Rating Agency) Templates

How Were they Created?

European DataWarehouse (EDW) worked together with DBRS Morningstar, Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Investors Service, and S&P Global Ratings to introduce extended ESMA reporting templates for all asset classes and the investor reports, the EDW Extended Templates.

The collaborative process took more than a year. Together, EDW and the four Rating Agencies identified which fields they need to properly assess a transaction which were previously included in the ECB templates, but are no longer included in the new ESMA Templates.

In total, our teams identified and incorporated the following additional fields by asset class into the EDW Extended Templates:

Residential: 61
Auto: 11
Corporate: 22
Leasing: 12
Consumer: 15
Credit Cards: 5
Investor Reports: 97
NPL: 5

The EDW Extended Templates include all data fields that are required to meet the regulatory disclosure requirements under the Securitisation Regulation (EU) 2017/2402 while at the same time providing all the information required by rating agencies.

Why are they useful? (Hint: they will save time and money)

The EDW Extended Templates are extended versions of the new ESMA templates. They enable reporting entities to seamlessly upload data to European DataWarehouse to comply with ESMA reporting standards and provide rating agencies with additional information they require for the credit risk analysis of a transaction. Without these extended templates, reporting entities would need to submit both a standard reporting template to a designated securitisation repository as well as separate files to the rating agencies of their choice.

Best of all, the Extended EDW Templates will save your organisation precious time and money. With the extended templates, there is no need to prepare a second loan tape for rating agencies and the EDW templates are free of charge to our customers.

What are the Key Features of the EDW Extended Templates?

EDW Extended Templates contain all mandatory data fields prescribed by ESMA plus the additional fields relevant for rating agencies. Data can be submitted in an easy-to-use csv-format, which our customers are already familiar with from uploading ECB templates in the past.

In addition, our converter tool works to automatically generate ESMA compliance files in XML-format using your populated CSV files.

How Do They Work?

The upload process for the EDW Extended Templates is straightforward and simple. After populating your EDW Extended Templates in CSV format, upload the CSV file to the Converter Tool. Our software strips out the ESMA fields and converts them to an XML file, which is published on EDITOR for regulatory Compliance. The non-ESMA fields are stored in CSV format for rating Agencies to access using a restricted SFTP server.

How can I get started?

Interested customers can download the new EDW Extended Templates on our converter website and start populating them immediately. To download, simply log in here using your EDITOR credentials, and download the “ESMA + Rating Agency template”. Your download will begin as soon as you accept the License Agreement. Once populated, users can convert the ESMA fields to XML and can choose to make the original CSV available to rating agencies after uploading the converted XML to EDITOR.

To get started, download the extended templates and register for our upcoming webinar on 1 December for more details, a live demonstration, and a Q&A session.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our team at enquiries@eurodw.eu.